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Letters from great generals, tactical and personal, have informed military historians from at least the days of Napoleon, who thought nothing of sitting in his tent to write saucy lines to Josephine. It was seen that sealing wax in the 1880s was more commonly used in Great Britain than in America. Black sealing wax was […]

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In any case, they’re a popular type of small air compressor, with many models affording portability and easy transportation from the garage into the house for when you need to run things like a brad nailer. Oil-lubricated compressors also tend to last longer than oil-free compressors — up to 15,000 hours compared to up to […]

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We have dealt with thousands of letters and held hundreds of meetings during my time as New Forest East MP. Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire, for years wrote gossip in letters to the author Sir Patrick Leigh-Fermor — ‘Debo’ to ‘Pad’. Fast forward a couple hundred years to the Middle Ages when paper was available. I […]