waxing poetic letter charms

Though they are rarely seen, you can set yourself apart with envelope seals. Even today the lofty Himalaya Mountains in India are shifting towards the northern direction. Even in the renowned prophecies given in the Holy Bible under the title ‘Seven Times mention has been of worldwide disasters. Human hands have never lost their fascination […]

custom wax letter seal kit

Moreover, You certainly don’t need to become a graphic designer nor to have any design experience. big bonnet Above all, create as many Wax seal logo examples as you need with the free logo designer. Other colour wax sticks are special order items (approx. Next Working Day & Saturday Delivery orders are sent via Royal […]

wax specialist cover letter

Black sealing wax was most often used by those in mourning, and the color was typically derived from lampblack. Black sealing wax was made with the common lamp black. By the 1870s few were using sealing wax, wafers and folded letters without envelopes. This seal at least looks like it is made with wax, and […]

opening a wax sealed letter

This is the first wax seal we see in the show. Of course, that second seal can be removed much easier. A roll of paper tied with a cord or lace that can be removed, and, what’s more critical, returned to the same place with a smooth stroke of hand! Too soon and the wax […]